Celebrating the Body Erotic for all Genders

In 1997 a new Bodyelectric workshop was conceived and birthed through Selah Martha and Collin Brown and as an avid fan and facilitator of “Celebrating your body erotic for women” I attended. Five days of “Two Spirits for men and women” as it was known then, radically changed my life. I met my life partner and life long friends in this circle and entered a whole new world of learning about the erotic body, my own, my partner’s and the erotic body of community.

After seventeen years of flying solo, partnering with this extraordinary person, brought forth a learning curve steeper then I could have imagined. Where I thought of myself a fairly liberated woman (after all I attended a multitude of sex workshops ), erotic life in partnership brought forth deep layers of old messages regarding sexuality, and revealed emotional and sexual vulnerabilities that I didn’t know were still buried in the halls of my body. My partner and I revisited and played in “Two Spirits’ together many more times in the subsequent years and found this workshop to offer a perfect stage to witness each other in our individual erotic expressions and bring home body learning that nourished us through many a rocky place and gave us much pleasure in our time together.

At this time, in 2015 , “Two Spirits” has morphed into”Celebrating the Body Erotic for All Genders”. William McMenniman and I facilitated “Two Spirits” countless times since Selah and Collin trained us in 1999. My partner and many gracious folks have assisted us at Wildwood in California, at the Haven Institute on Gabriola Island, at Shalom and Easton Mountain in NY.  Every circle is delicious and brings great joy in our heart’s memories. “Celebrating the Body Erotic for all Genders” is a place where straight and queer folks can meet, play together and learn to navigate erotic energy in a temporary community in the service of opening to each other in Heart, Mind and Body.

Selah and Collin created a masterpiece when they crafted Two Spirits. When you attend this workshop you will experience a wave of eros that infuses your very cells and at the same time you remain present and stay connected to yourself and to each other. In respectful and loving connection to each other we learn to open gently to erotic energy with a diverse gathering of people in a safer environment where we will attend to you with care.