Eros and the Bowl of Light – opening to erotic life for couples – Introductory Workshop

With great respect and honor we present the gifts of erotic teachings from ancestral wisdom schools and the Big Stories– like that of Eros and Psyche– to those couples who would like to find fresh ways of being with each other.

Many couples grieve the loss of physical closeness in the form of erotic play or sex even when they clearly love one another and may be skilled in verbal communication. This workshop introduces partners to new ways of igniting their erotic flame that they might reclaim each other in the flower of their desires and gifts.

unnamed-3Eros and the Bowl of Light–the Bowl of Light is a story of the Hawaiian tradition, which correlates spiritual wisdom with the bowl of light that each soul receives upon birth. As the “bowl” also correlates with the somatic bowl which rests in the body as the belly/ pelvis, this image also indicates the central role played by a deeply honored sexuality, one that is founded on erotic flows and waves of sensation, shaping the evolution of a grounded and deeply felt wisdom tradition.

This course introduces principles from the Polynesian, as well as Western & Eastern traditions, ancestral as well as modern, regarding the role of sexuality for reclaiming a whole, undivided being of self, and self with others and with the natural world. We create connection in this workshop through laughter, touch, breath and movement, sharing our body and heart experiences with each other. Exercises build upon natural waves of excitation and sensation in the body; they involve “soft belly” breathing as well as other forms of breath practice, touch-practice and couple exercises.

There will be time for listening to one another and to the teachers as well as time for dialogue.

Please bring a journal, wear clothes you can move in, two sheets and two towels per couple, your sense of humor and willingness to dive deeper.