Celebrating the Body Erotic for all Genders

Date: 15 Nov '19 - 17 Nov '19
Location: t.b.a., Victoria BC

with Emaya Elfi Dillon & William McMeniman

Fabulous workshop with incredible teachers

I attended this workshop about two years ago and it changed my life.

Emaya and William are wise, compassionate and gifted teachers. They surrounded themselves with great assistants and called in the perfect mix of participants.

It was safe, funny, challenging and sexy. The mix of people was amazing; it is good for any gender and orientation.


Persons of all genders have so much to learn from and teach to each other. This retreat creates a temporary community that explores and celebrates the potential healing power of all human beings. We use conscious breath, nurturing and taoist erotic massage to help us remember the connection between sexual energy and spirit. In the supportive community of curious adults we explore feminine and masculine energies within the circle and within each one of us. We celebrate our bodies as the home of spirit and through our heart’s connection we will access collective wisdom that nourishes the soul and enlivens our bodies.

All genders and sexual orientation, the bold and the shy, all are welcome!

The workshop begins Friday  evening  and ends Sunday Evening.

This is a  workshop in Victoria, BC Canada, presented through The Body Electric School 

Formore info: contact Sher :  victoria@b-e-school.com



PREREQUISITE: Celebrating Body Erotic for women or Celebrating Body Erotic for Men suggested , but not mandatory

Full tuition is due two weeks before start of workshop.