Stirring your Cauldron – a somatic exploration of Eros and Sexuality

21 Oct '22 - 23 Oct '22
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Mill Bay, Mill Bay

Self identified women of every adult age, orientation and lifestyle are welcome here.

This retreat gives you the opportunity to learn about the energetic potential of your erotic being. You will find yourself in the good company of your guide and a circle of women that gathers together with a vision for healthy erotic living.

Sexual energy, when allowed to flow freely through the body allows for a rich sensuous erotic life, whether we live solo or in relationships. The purpose for lifting this energy up is to strengthen our Chi – life energy – for healing purposes, erotic autonomy, and just plain fun!

Through experiential and cognitive learning exercises we will uncover hidden negative messages about sexuality and learn to transmute these messages into pleasure. We celebrate together as we support each other to let go of shame and discover joy.

We encourage each other to love and honour the body we live in and respect the power of sexual energy that gives pleasure to our lives.

In an atmosphere of con-sensuality and confidentiality, women will have the opportunity to experiment with erotic states of being. We create a safer space where each woman’s individual choice is respected and given time to integrate.

We aim to liberate the inner landscape so that the creative winds of eros can be freely recognized and shared.

A circle of women is a cauldron filled with inner wisdom, feeling and laughter. Come and join us to celebrate your erotic Self! You will leave refreshed, encouraged, relaxed and informed and armed with tools to create a richer erotic life.

Facilitated by Elfi Emaya Shaw
Assisted by Sher Snow (

Dates: October 21-23rd

October 21th 1pm-9pm
October 22th 9am-9pm
October 23th 9am-4pm

Location is in Mill Bay.  Exact location will be given on registration.

Register with Elfi Emaya at

Cost: $575.00 includes room and board, please send Deposit or full amount via e-transfer to