The Wild Kindness: Sex and Spirit in Relationship

Date: 6 Mar '21
Location: Artful : The Gallery, Courtney BC

Elfi Emaya Dillon Shaw and Gary Kekoa Dillon

Discouver, Engage, Learn, Mend

Discover tools to dispel outdated messages about sexuality, enhance body pleasure, practise communicating wants and needs through lighthearted, fun experiments for erotic play and explore available resources to enhance your erotic life.

Engage in intelligent and friendly conversations about eros, intimacy , sex and spirit.

Learn to navigate sexual energy in relationships skilfully and with kindness, and how stress and life cycles impact our sexuality.

Mend the rift between spirit and sexuality to embrace both.

Workshop Fee: $45.

Covid protocols will be strictly adhered to.
All participants must wear a mask, bring your own beverages if desired.  The workshop will be limited to 6 participants to ensure distancing protocols.

all genders welcome