Eros and Intimacy, Sex and Spirit for Couples

Daily life as “For Play”

Many couples grieve the loss of physical closeness in the form of erotic play or sex even though they clearly love one another and are skilled in verbal communication. This workshop introduces partners to new ways of igniting their erotic flame and to remember each other in their physical wants and gifts. It is important to confront beliefs that block the cultivation of playful and spontaneous eros. We will clarify the differences between love, romance, and sexual polarity, and their interactions. Learn how sexual polarity can be a powerful tool to transmit and enliven love and relational intimacy.

Each partner can update their own attitudes about sexuality and become open to life giving energy flow through their own issues. Together they can learn to share this energy.

Erotic energy within relationship not only brings lightness of being but also health of body and mind. Recent medical research has shown that when people learn to relax in their sexual lives, their health improves and slows down aging of the body’s cells and tissues.


  • to learn how to stay present while in full bodied contact.
  • to discover, express and transform outdated beliefs about sexuality and spirituality
  • to enable and express each person’s erotic potential and gift
  • to learn to relax into higher states of arousal and stay present with self and other.
  • to learn to express self with sounds, movements, touch , words and breath
  • to learn to raise energy in the body
  • to enhance verbal and nonverbal communication skills
  • to have more fun
  • to experience intimacy in the body
  • to discover the common source of sexuality and spirituality
  • to reconnect with one another in a more satisfying way
  • to learn to be in charge of charge!!!!


This workshop includes many exercises for couples designed to enhance sensuous connection. Some of the experiential exercises are presented in the circle of all participants, while some of the more intimate work is done in each couple’s private space.

Experiential work using breath, voice, movement, sensuous touch and practicing loving- presence exercises from the wisdom teachings of Tantra and Taoism are presented, along with understandings rooted in the most revolutionary edges of modern biological and physical science.

It is important to wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal and a bathing suit. All activity takes place in a community of adults with agreement around responsible expression. Confidentiality, comfort and boundaries, ground rules and agreements are discussed at the beginning.

All exercises are offered in the spirit of kindness and playfulness and are explained beforehand. Each participant is invited to partake or choose not to — all personal choices are respected. Couples of all genders and sexual orientations will be welcome.

At the Haven on Gabriola

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