Journey to the holy well: honouring your erotic body – for women

Stirring your Cauldron continued:

A circle of women is a powerful cauldron for learning about the healing potential of sexual energy. By creating a consensual and relaxed container in time and space we can learn to let go into the pleasure of our body. We discover our deep innate wisdom when we commit to undergo the journey into the sensuous world of breath, movement and touch and liberate ourselves from messages of shame and guilt implanted in our flesh for generations. Heart, genitals and mind want to dance together in the awakened body to serve life.

This event offers a unique chance to celebrate and explore the connection between spirituality and sexuality. It is an invitation to discover our inner authority and erotic autonomy. It is an opportunity to connect with women in a defined and safe container where the principles of respect, support , choice and confidentiality are honored at all times. Experiential learning, dialogue, teachings from tantric, taoist and reichian traditions are woven together in a setting that is private and beautiful, guarded by nature.

Experience the pleasure of giving and receiving nurturing, sensuous erotic touch for the whole body and learn your orasmic possibilities. We will dip into the wisdom teachings of many ancient cultures where women taught women the mysteries of the female body and how to tap into the great store of energy at the source. We invite curiosity about self and other, learn to communicate and teach from the body and discover how to stay connected to self and other at the same time.

Women of every age and lifestyle are welcome. We will learn from each other and receive tools to enrich, enliven and envigorate our erotic being each day of our lives and celebrate our sexuality with awareness and vitality.

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Elfi Emaya Dillon