Sexual Intelligence for Body, Mind and Heart

Do you experience anxiety, heartache, confusion or apathy connected with sexuality and relationships?

Do you want to learn erotic skills for enhanced arousal and orgasmic states as well as clarity, communication and connection?

This new program in The Haven’s core curriculum teaches erotic literacy for body, mind and heart through surrendering to the ocean of erotic energy within. It demonstrates how we can steer our sexuality with erotic honesty in community and in our partnerships.

The program is for people of all genders and orientations who would like to:

  • address and reduce sexually related anxiety, guilt and shame
  • learn diverse perspectives on sexuality throughout the life- and relationship-cycle
  • learn erotic skills to enrich their life
  • make more conscious and healthful sexual choices
  • learn about the power aspects of sexuality and discover how to have fun in a safe way
  • find eros in the natural world
  • discover where spirituality and sexuality meet


Sexual Intelligence is truly an amazing experience of embodiment of body, mind and spirit. My time was deeply enlivening—connecting with my own body, connecting with the community of others, and the wild and wonderous world in which we live. The leaders were truly masters in molding the course to honour the participants. I highly recommend this course to all—it is a huge gift to give yourself, and to all you will connect with after this course.  I am deeply grateful.
~ Sue Muirhead