Sexuality and Spirituality in Relationship

Our advocacy for relationship work now includes on line sessions on skype or zoom and to our surprise we are enjoying it more then anticipated!  In person sessions will resume when possible.


Elfi and Gary offer private sessions on Human Sexuality and how to navigate sexual energy in relationship skillfully, and with kindness.

They will help you to examine the chasm between Sexuality and Spirituality, how it came to be this way and how we might mend this rift to embrace both, without unnecessary shame and suffering.

You will be invited to wonder how a loving relationship with your self, your body and others can serve as a garden for sexual erotic pleasure and at the same time celebrate a sex friendly spirituality. You begin to learn how to engage in intelligent and friendly conversations about eros, intimacy, sex and spirit with your partner and friends.

This exploration is conducted in a respectful and consensual atmosphere. Teachings will include some exercises in language and dialogue, practices for body centered learning and offering of perspectives in Human Sexuality, Relationship, and Spirited living.

These sessions are available to everybody.
Sessions can be booked for individuals or partners.  All genders welcome.

Tuition for sessions :

Intro Session (45 min):  $90.00
One Hour Session:  $110.00
Three Hour session:  $350.00
Full Day workshop:   $800.00

Contact us if you would like to book a session.