Stirring the Cauldron: Women and Sexuality

A sexuality workshop for the whole woman

This retreat is for women of every age, orientation, gender and lifestyle who want to taste the full energetic potential of their earthly erotic body. Sexual energy, when allowed to flow freely through the body, offers a more fulfilling, connected and sensuous life, whether we are in partnership or not. The purpose of nurturing this energy is to strengthen our Chi – life energy – for healing purposes, erotic autonomy, and deep sacred playfulness and creativity.

In celebration together we will support each other to let go of old outdated ways of living in our body. We will learn to love and honour the body we live in by connecting with each other, our ancestors, the great earth within through breathing and moving, reflecting and sharing, as well as learning gifts from the tantric and taoist ancient skills to enliven us.

What emerges is what is true for each woman in each given moment, an awareness of rhythm and flow between above and below, between inner and outer and among and a recognition of energy in motion and what we do to stop this flow. In an atmosphere of consensuality, confidentiality, kindness and good humour, women will have the opportunity to experiment with erotic states of being.

Embodied Erotic living is often dammed by barriers of shame, tension, anxiety and old beliefs. We respect these states as they emerge to be seen and make sure that each woman’s individual space is honoured and given time to integrate. What flowers is the liberation of the inner landscape of each of us, so that the creative winds of eros can be freely known and danced with no matter what life presents.

Elfi (Emaya) Dillon-Shaw  is a Bodyworker and Somatic Sexuality Educator with many years’ experience. She leads sexuality education retreats for women and mixed gender, for single and partnered individuals. Her work includes body, mind and heart and is a “hands on” approach to teaching. Her goal is to help each person to open to their own erotic nature, to enrich their bodily life and enliven their relationship to self and others and life itself. She welcomes clients in her private practise in her community and also teaches internationally. She has been with the Body-electric School since 1998 and is a faculty member of the Haven Institute on Gabriola Island.

For more information about this retreat, please call Elfi at 1-877-247-9504.