Sexual Intelligence

Sexual Intelligence is truly an amazing experience of embodiment of body, mind and spirit. My time was deeply enlivening—connecting with my own body, connecting with the community of others, and the wild and wonderous world in which we live. The leaders were truly masters in molding the course to honour the participants. I highly recommend this course to all—it is a huge gift to give yourself, and to all you will connect with after this course.  I am deeply grateful.
~ Sue Muirhead

I wish my introduction to sexuality as a child, a young adult  had been or included what this course offered – curiosity, care, exploration, understanding and honouring.
~ Anon

Sexual Intelligence has been a game changer for me in the understanding of my own sexuality as well as expanding my openness and appreciation of the vastness of the human sexual experience. In my relationship with my lover I see how the experiences and practices have increased our ability to communicate our desires to each other, to share and play with our fantasies, to connect through our energetic worlds,  letting the words fall away. I have had the opportunity to name the beliefs that I have carried, from my family and the culture I live in, and to question if those beliefs still serve me.

In the intimacy of the group I have learned to not only look at my sexuality, but to speak it, to name it, and most importantly to share it openly with others.
~ Kristina C.

For me, sexual intelligence has been an awakening of my body awareness and connection to the ground we walk on. I feel I can embrace myself more fully and move that feeling outwards. This has been such a beautiful group of people to spend these days with. I feel more full in my sexuality, sensuality, and spirit. Old thought patterns of shame or embarrassment have come to my surface and I now have a choice as to whether or not these are still useful for me.

I  touched such an emotional spectrum this week as a human being and as a woman. This course if for anyone, truly.
~ Anon

Recently, my wife and I attended the Sexual intelligence course at the Haven. Going into the program I possessed a very limited knowledge of my erotic self and I had only a narrow vocabulary for expressing it. For some years I have experienced myself as having little connection to my erotic nature.

Through masterful leadership in a group setting I encountered a most respectful and gentle invitation to expand my erotic awareness through a variety of experiences that went far beyond my imaginings. I left the program 5 days later with a significantly expanded vocabulary and new tools to remain engaged with my erotic self.

Now days later I am still very alive and aware of my sensual self in connection with my partner and the world around me. I have more energy and a greater capacity for personal authentic connection with others.
~ Aubrey

Sexual Intelligence at The Haven showed me the importance of breath and touch to being able to fully inhabit my body and enjoy its pleasures.
~ anon.

I arrived full of questions and doubts about myself and my sexuality. I was scared. I departed feeling connected to myself with more understanding and assurance than I imagined possible. The program was respectful and the leaders supported me in a beautiful and sensual unfolding.
~ PR

Stirring the Cauldron

I  have been deeply touched by the cauldron you and the other participants created. Especially valued in your unconditional love of each of us … your spontaneity to shift with the flow, the music, the pace and tempo your years of dedication to steeping in the world of sexuality that you generously shared with us.
~ With love Betsy

All my life I have tried to ‘think’ and ‘work at’ how to do better and improve. Even with sex. In this program, I was able to gently and easily sink into my whole self and ‘discover’ from there. Deep knowing, ancient wisdom, in-the-moment awarenesses, and the gift of being in a circle with other travellers. All emerged to dance and move in harmony with my thinking and being. Intelligence indeed. I am so grateful.
~ Cathy M.