The Askable Parent/Adult

Taking the Stress Out of “The Talk”- the Askable Parent/Adult

It’s a talk that parents and caregivers often might dread.  “Where do babies come from?”  Many used to rely entirely on “The Talk” at school to provide sexuality information to their children, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that more information is needed. Parents and Caregivers are their children’s primary sex educators whether they talk about sex or not.

This 3-hour interactive program will fill in the gaps left out by traditional sexual education.  It’s not like it used to be.  It’s not just about the birds and bees, and biological mechanism of procreation any more.  There are many facets of sexuality and sexual health that need to be addressed with our children.  Things like STI’s, feelings and emotions, openness in the family, pregnancy, and that information must come from the family.  This seminar will help you gain the confidence and knowledge you need to help responsibly educate your children about all facets of sexuality, not just anatomy and learn how to help our children navigate the confusing world of the internet and common “culture”.

You’ll also learn when it’s appropriate to talk to children about sexuality, at any age.  Don’t let the “Teachable Moments” slip away. This workshop will leave you with a treasure of resources, which are tools to help you stay connected with your child’s emergence as a sexually healthy person.

Elfi Dillon Shaw is a Options for Sexual Health trained Sex Educator with many years of experience.