The Mindful Sexuality Series

The Mindful Sexuality Series is a process designed to examine, enliven and evolve yourself as a sexual being. These day long workshops will give you tools to put sexuality in context, live a more pleasure enriched life and celebrate your whole sexual self.

This series consits of 8 full day workshops held one Saturday per month at SPARC ( 426 Montreal Street, Victoria, BC) . Each day is devoted to a particular theme;

1. Sex as a gift of the Ancestors
Saturday, September 28
This day long workshop will give you tools to put sexuality in context.
What are the gifts and wounds that have informed your personal sexual culture and how does that sit in the culture you presently live in and the one you might want to create.

2. Sensuality as a vehicle to self -October 26
3. Whole Person Sexual Health – November 23
4. Gender and Sexual Orientation -January 25
5. Sex, Culture(s) and Media- February 8
6. Sex and Spirit- March 15
7. Sexuality in Relationships-April 26
8. Celebrating Our Whole Sexual Selves-May 3

Elfi ” Emaya” Dillon RMT DipC, has practiced and taught many forms of bodywork, including sexological bodywork, for many years. She facilitates workshops for groups and individuals and is faculty member of the Haven Institute and the Bodyelectricschool. Emaya is a slightly queerly crooked straight woman with a sense of humour and a deep desire to be a midwife for men and women’s erotic emergence.

Dr. Liam “Captain” Snowdon is a Sexologist who splits his time between Victoria and Portland. He has a doctorate in Human Sexuality and teaches about sex, embodiment and gender internationally. He teaches Somatic Sex Educator Professional Trainings in the US, Canada and next year Australia. In Victoria Captain runs SPARC – The Sex Postive Art and Resource Center, sees Sexological Bodywork Clients and does Sex Counselling. He is a queer, kinky, witchy and a avid sidewalk chalker. You can find him at

$125. 00 per day
$800.00 for all 8 ( early bird $750.00 Sept 15th)
Payable via cheque to Liam Snowdon or Paypal
This class will require some home study Approx. 4 hours a month

** Folks of all and no gender(s), ethnic and cultural backgrounds are welcome at this workshops.
**Accessibility information: there are eight stairs with a hand-railing on one side coming into the front of the house